Exploring the World of Data Science

Data science can be a vast subject and one cannot cover it in a single go. But then let’s try to understand it in a very simple and easy way.Every corner of today’s world is brimming with data in its raw form. When you are shopping, taking a medical test, watching a movie or show, using the internet or taking an examination. Everything is giving birth to loads and loads of data. But why is this data so important?Science is when one tries to understand anything using scientific tools. And data is a set of qualitative and quantitative variables regarding any subject. So comprising both these definitions one can say that; data science is a field where data is used as a raw material and then processed using scientific tools to extract an end result. This end result helps in increasing business value and customer satisfaction.PRESENT DAY RELEVANCE OF DATA SCIENCEYou see its products every day in your day-to-day life. Products which are the result of combing huge amounts of unstructured data and using it to find solutions to business and customer related issues. Some of them are:

Digital advertisements: at the same time two different people can see different ads on their computer screens. The reason is data science, which recognizes one’s preferences and shows ads relevant to them.

Image and voice recognition: whether the automatic tagging option of Facebook or Alexa, Siri etc. recognizing your voice and doing exactly what you told them to do, again it’s data science.

Recommender systems: when you go shopping on an online website or search for a show on any entertainment app, you get suggestions. These suggestions are created using data science by tracking ones past activities and likings.

Fraud detection: many financial institutes use it to know track clients financial and credit position, to know in time whether to lend them or not. This reduces credit risk and bad loans.

Search engines: these search engines deal with the massive amount of data, and to search the thing that you asked for in a second can be impossible if only the algorithms were not there to help in this mammoth task.

ACTIVITIES COMPRISING DATA SCIENCEIt is a big subject, it comprises of several different stages and steps before one can reach the final conclusion. They are:

Obtaining data from several sources.

Storing data categorically

Cleaning the data for inconsistencies.

Exploring the data and find trends and patterns in them.

Machine learning that is modeling the found patterns into algorithms.

And then lastly interpreting the algorithms and communicate it.

TOOLS USED IN DATA SCIENCE:There are several techniques used, and all these techniques have to be learned by a data science aspirant.

SQL or NoSQL for database management

Hadoop, Apache Flink, and Spark for storage.

Python, R, SAS, Hadoop, Flink, and Spark for data wrangling, scripting and processing.

Python libraries, R libraries, statistics, experimental designing for exploring and searching the data to find needed inferences.

Machine learning, multivariate calculus, linear algebra for modeling the data.

Communication and presentation skills along with business acumen for making the inferences useful in strategic decision making.

Bring Financial Discipline To Your Life By Credit Card Debt Management

The world is full of good things, which we can always acquire to make our life better. The urge to get them is strong as well. Moreover, we have credit cards to acquire them. Managing finance through credit cards is easy. However, are we also looking at credit card debt management at the same time?Am I Paying More For My Desires?Let us take up an example. I go for a luxury car for $27,000. I pay $7000 cash down through credit card with $100 monthly. At the first card due date, I revolve the credit and pay up minimum required $ 500. Now, on the unpaid balance of $6500, I will be paying interest @ 2.5%, which comes to $162. The interest is more than my monthly installment. If this continues, the car could finally cost me $30,000 or even more, with all interest and late penalties on overdue installments put together.Here Comes Credit Card Debt ManagementIn order to bring about discipline to your finance, you can always go for credit card debt management. To tide over the payment crisis, you can take help from professional credit card debt manager. You either can approach your mortgage manager or can go online. The credit card debt manager takes into account your income sources as well as your payment status. Then he will work out an alternate and cheaper option for you to pay your credit card overdue debts. Those who cannot afford a debt manager can look for free credit card debt management. This is a credit card debt service where you can get consultation and solutions to your debt related issues. By free credit card debt management, it does not mean that the service provided is sub standard or low grade. The free services provided by reputed companies in consolidating your high cost credit card payments are as good as the paid services.Therefore, there is no need to cling on to your high cost credit card debt. Just move over to low cost consolidated loan by an effective Credit Card Debt Management. Bring discipline to your finances.

Don’t Put 13 Entries On Your List Of Phobias

The list of phobias suffered by humans is as varied as we are as people. Many, like fear of snakes (ophidiophobia) are well grounded and serve us good purpose. Others like chorophobia (fear of dancing) serve less purpose, that is unless the fear serves to prevent you from embarrassing yourself.It has been written that phobias have existed since the dawn of man. The more esoteric of them, such as consecotaleophobia (fear of chopsticks) are more current. Although many snicker, even the silliest of phobias impact someone making their life more difficult. There are many applicable ones within this category.For instance, haptephobia (fear of being touched) is a real phobia which afflicts more sufferers than one would imagine. Strong versions of this phobia banish those who have it to lonely existences rarely leaving the confines of their own homes. Those with hodophobia (fear of road travel) can leave their homes, but not go much further.Lilapsophobia (fear of hurricanes or tornadoes) is an example of a phobia which can serve a good purpose within reason. Obviously, it is within our interests to have a built in aversion to being in the path of a tornado. However, as with the tendency for many phobias, when taken to an extreme it can lead one to run for shelter at the slightest hint of clouds.Some phobias can actually help us succeed. Those suffering peniaphobia (fear of poverty) are most likely to turn out to be good workers. Conversely, those suffering from plutophobia are more likely to be the opposite. No, that isn’t fear of a planet or theme park character. Plutophobia is a fear of having wealth, and believe it or not it does exist.Many common phobias, such as pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying) are able to be confronted and overcome. Others, like children suffering scolionophobia (fear of school), are quickly surmounted with parental help. Similarly, your spouse will quickly help you get over novercaphobia (fear of your mother in law). Phobias can’t get you out of everything.Many try to use them as a crutch such as the husband who forgot his anniversary blaming it on his anthophobia (fear of flowers). Others are quite logical and reside within all of us, such as atomosophobia (fear of atomic explosions). Ballistophobia (fear of bullets) also fits into this category.The list of phobias ranges from the common to the rare. It also goes from the serious to the comical. Anything on earth appears to be capable of triggering one. Growing everyday as we invent new things to scare us, this list will never end.

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